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would do it, he decided, if he had to, but he would hate it.
He would do It, because the idea of the Association was more
important than how he felt about; Mr. Goodwood. The idea
bound a lot of men together and would get justice for all of
them. And even for men who were not in the Association;
even, in the end for men whose beds were scraped now. It
was win or lose now, he decided, and no turning back. And
that was what Mr. Christian said to him that night when the
council decided to take some men out and make them scrape
their own beds, for the sake of example. "By God, Perse!"
Mr. Christian exclaimed, " we're shooting our wad now. If
we don't win now, we never will."

" I know, I know," Mr. Munn replied. " I voted against
that business of taking a man out, and all, but 111 do what's
voted. It just doesn't look like the best way, that's all. To
me, anyway."

" It'll do the trick, don't you worry. And we gotta do that
fast. If we don't win, every man that plants tobacco is gonna
be eating stinkweed and dog meat instead of greens and sow-
belly this time next year. And that means damned near
everybody in ten counties. By God, there won't be nothing
left if those tobacco buyers win out. It'll be worse'n Indians.
I'd rather fight Indians like my folks did when they come
over the mountains, durned if I hadn't."

" That's the whole trouble," Mr. Munn said; " those fellows
aren't Indians."

" Now look here, Perse. IT1 fight fair long as any man, and
111 let any man call the tune, but if he says it's stomp and *
gouge, then, by God, it's stomp and gouge. And that's what
they called, stomp and gouge. Nobody ever thought trnYd
be a Baptist Sunday-School picnic with chess pie all round
and wading in the creek. Hell, Perse, you're a grown man."
He slapped Mr. Munn on the back so hard that the flesh
stung under the impact. " Buck up," he said.

Then Doctor MacDonald carne out and stood beside them
under the oak trees by the hitching-racL

Well, doc" Mr. Christian remarked conversationally, "I